What is ore sorting?

Ore sorting is a physical sorting method that uses external forces to separate ore from waste rock by testing and identifying each ore individually based on its physical characteristics. These characteristics, such as color, luster, density, reflection, and refraction, are detected by optical or electrical sensors and analyzed to sort the ore. By using ore sorting technology, it is possible to efficiently separate valuable minerals from the waste rock, leading to cost savings and improved mining operations.

  • There are three main steps to ore sorting:

    1 Feeding
    2 Detection
    3 Sorting

Sensor-based ore sorting has been used in the mining industry since the 1970s, but recent advances in artificial intelligence, deep learning, machine vision, and image recognition have greatly improved its effectiveness. XRT X-ray sorting technology with deep learning functions, in particular, has the potential to comprehensively utilize low-grade ore resources. This technology can enrich low-grade ore, waste rock, and deemed valueless stockpile waste rock into concentrate with industrial mining value and comprehensive utilization potential. These cutting-edge technologies have opened up new possibilities for the efficient and sustainable utilization of resources.

Ore Sotring
Dry Coal Sotring

HPY Technology utilizes both a combined detection method that incorporates a VIS HD dual-sided imaging system and X-ray technology, which can be customized based on the specific characteristics of different ores. HPY has also developed an AI algorithm specifically for ore sorting, called the Wenshu Algorithm. This algorithm applies deep learning theory to the mining industry, allowing for the development of an adaptive ore sorting model that can track and optimize itself in real-time based on changes in ore grade. In complex ore sorting environments, the ore sorting model can adapt its structure to accommodate different characteristics such as ore size, texture, luster, and thickness in order to achieve accurate identification.

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What is Ore Sorting?

Since its inception, HPY Technology Co., Ltd. has chased the goal of innovating and transforming ore sorting. As a part of the “new mining revolution”, HPY has dedicated itself to ensuring the best products for its customers, that deliver great results with excellent service.

Economic Benefits

Economic Benefits

Average economic savings of 3.13 million USD per unit

Improved sorting quality and reduced sorting costs

Mineral recovery rate of up to 98%

Rejection rate of up to 90%

Low operation and maintenance cost of less than 0.2 USD per ton

Environmental Benefits

Reduced in water consumption

Significant decrease in energy consumption for grinding and flotation processes

Reduce pressure and extend service life on the tailings pond

Improved mining extraction rate, comprehensive resource utilization rate, and mineral processing recovery rate

Reduced utilization of harmful chemicals used in traditional sorting processes

  • Economic Benefits by Machine:

    Circle Series: 4.5 million USD per year
    Insight Series: 2.7 million USD per year
                Golden Coal Series: 3.8 million USD per year
    Classic Series: 1.5 million USD per year