Customer Introduction

Luanchuan Hengyu Mining Co., Ltd (Hengyu Mining) was established in 2006 and currently extracts approximately 1.45 million tons of rock annually through open-pit mining. HPY Technology played a crucial role in helping Hengyu Mining significantly enhance its processing capacity from 5,000 tons per day to 8,000 tons per day. This improvement enables Hengyu Mining to pre-reject waste rock, leading to increased production, reduced energy consumption, and lower carbon emissions. These operational enhancements translate into annual economic benefits of approximately $6.33 million USD. The positive outcomes of these efforts have provided robust support for Hengyu Mining's application to be recognized as a "National Green Mine."

Economic Benefits

Processing Capacity Increase: 5,000 t/d to 8,000 t/d.

Pre-concentration: 4 Circle Series pre-reject around 900,000 tons of waste rock per year Increase Output: mineral processing recovery rate is increased to 85%.

Energy Saving: 18 million kWh of electricity reduces costs by 2.1 million USD per year.

Environmental Benefits: environmentally friendly mining practices and lower energy usage.

Economic Benefits: over 6.33 million USD per year.


Hengyu Mining has consistently adhered to environmental regulations and has its own philosophy of “Green Waters and Green Mountains are Equal to Golden and Silver Mountains”. While still focusing on enhancing molybdenum recovery rates, the company also committed itself to developing and operating a modernized green mine. To enhance production efficiency, enrich ore grade, and generate greater economic and environmental benefits, Hengyu Mining explored using sensor-based ore sorting. After reviewing several options, Hengyu worked with HPY Technology to utilize their XRT ore sorting machines for their molybdenum ore. Through machine vision imaging, AI analysis, and high-pressure air jets, the system efficiently and effectively sorts economically viable molybdenum ore and waste rock.

Learn more about how HPY Technology is helping Luanchuan Hengyu Mining Co., Ltd. pre-concentrate their molybdenum ore to achieve their production and environmental goals.

Cooperation between HPY Technology and Hengyu Mining

Hengyu mining uses 4 HPY Circle Series CN1500 for pre-concentration in a mineral processing plant that can reach a processing capacity of 8000 tons per day.

Luanchuan Hengyu Mining Co., Ltd.
Luanchuan Hengyu Mining Co., Ltd.

Luanchuan Hengyu Mining Co., Ltd.

Luanchuan Hengyu Mining Co., Ltd.

Machine Used: 4 Circle Series - C1500

Particle Size: +10~45mm

Processing Capacity: 6500 t/d

Raw Ore Grade: 0.046%

Concentrate Grade: 0.079%

Waste Rock Grade: 0.018%

Rejection Rate: 42%

Recovery Rate: 86.1%

Enrichment Ratio: 1.72