HPY Technology recently participated in the World Mining Congress' Queensland Outback Tour. The event, organized by the Queensland Government and hosted by Resources Minister Scott Stewart MP, featured a select delegation of over 20 esteemed international investors and resources executives from leading global companies and institutions.

The tour, a part of the World Mining Congress, which was held for the first time in Australia, offered a comprehensive view of Queensland's multi-billion dollar critical minerals sector. "This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to show the world that Queensland truly is the land of resource opportunity," said Resources Minister Scott Stewart MP.

Key attendees on this tour represented notable companies like KfW IPEX-Bank, Anglo American, Idemitsu Kosan Company, Ltd., UK's Critical Minerals Association (CMA), and the Sustainable Minerals Institute (SMI). Each of these organizations holds a unique position within the global mining industry, contributing their expertise, financial support, and commitment to environmental sustainability and responsible mineral development.

From Friday, June 30 to Sunday, July 2, 2023, the tour provided delegates with an exclusive insight into the region’s mining and exploration operations. Delegates visited key locations including Mount Isa Mines, Sun Metals Zinc Refinery, and the Port of Townsville to experience first-hand the potential and prosperity of the region's resource sector. The tour allowed the group to fully understand the supply chain of critical minerals in Queensland, starting from the excavation at Mount Isa and working downstream to the port.

Mount Isa Mines, one of the largest mining complexes worldwide, stands as an integral part of Glencore's global mining portfolio. Comprising both copper and lead-zinc-silver operations, Mount Isa is central to Australia's mining industry, contributing significantly to the country's copper and zinc production. Furthermore, its substantial processing operations serve as a pivotal point in the production of copper anode, lead bullion, and various concentrates. Mount Isa showcases Australia's vast underground mining and mineral processing capabilities, playing an integral role in local and national economic growth.

Sun Metals Zinc Refinery, owned by Sun Metals Corporation Pty Ltd - a subsidiary of the Korea Zinc Company Limited, the world's largest zinc, lead, and silver producer - showcases Australia's commitment to sustainable and responsible production. With a strategic location and a global supply chain, Sun Metals produces high-quality zinc and other by-products for domestic and international markets. The company's commitment to environmental responsibility is exemplified by its ambitious goal to power operations entirely by renewable energy, aiming to produce the first-ever "green zinc".

The Port of Townsville, Northern Australia's most extensive container and automotive port, is a crucial player in Australia's export ecosystem. As the leading national exporter of various commodities, including copper, zinc, and lead, the port facilitates prosperity for surrounding communities and offers value to its customers and shareholders. With a $1.6 billion expansion plan under way, the port is set to cater to Australia's growing export demand and facilitate the nation's sustained economic growth.

The tour provided delegates with firsthand insights into Australia's diverse and resilient mining and processing ecosystem, and highlighted the unveiling of the $245 million Queensland Critical Mineral Strategy by the Queensland Government. This strategy aims to establish Queensland as a global leader in supplying critical minerals vital for transitioning to a net-zero emissions future.

"HPY Technology's participation in this esteemed tour strengthens our position within the international mining industry,", stated Shuhao Zhou, vice president at HPY Technology. Mr. Zhou, along with other world-renowned mining executives forming the delegation, engaged in enlightening discussions around sustainable development within the mining industry. A preliminary agreement was reached surrounding eco-friendly mining practices, setting the stage for potential strategic partnerships moving forward.

HPY Technology reaffirms its commitment to sustainable and responsible mining practices. We believe this tour further underlines our alignment with the Queensland government's initiative towards a greener future.

A collective photograph of delegates captured amidst their insightful journey at Mount Isa Mines.

Engaged delegates attentively receiving a briefing from Glencore management on the sustainable development strategy at Mount Isa Mines.

Delegates immersed in their visit to the environmentally-conscious Sun Metals Zinc Refinery.

The CFO of Sun Metals Zinc Refinery articulates the future sustainability strategy and green mining objectives of Korea Zinc to the attending delegates.

A scene at the Port of Townsville, an important hub for Queensland's mining industry.

A group photograph of the delegates, featuring the Port of Townsville as the picturesque backdrop.

Resources Minister Scott Stewart MP hosts the delegates for an exciting North Queensland Cowboys rugby match in Townsville, offering them a taste of local culture and camaraderie.