*Nanchang, September 5th* – The 6th World Green Development Investment and Trade Expo, with its theme "Deepening Open Cooperation, Promoting Green Development," opened in Nanchang, attracting over 3,000 participants from 59 countries and regions across five continents. Among the companies participating, HPY Sorting Technology Co., Ltd., a pioneering firm in sensor-based ore sorting, took center stage.

During the special event titled the "South America Advantage Industry Cooperation Exchange," HPY Technology's overseas marketing manager, Jason Tatman (陈杰伸), engaged in face-to-face discussions with representatives from #SouthAmerican companies. Companies such as the Brazil Zanotri International Consulting Association, WGA Carbon, Ikosidi, Almeida Advogados and Silva Law Firm, as well as the person-in-charge of JIANGTONG LONGCHANG Precision copper pipe Co., ltd. and GANFENG LITHIUM were among ones present at the Trade Expo. Tatman and the company supervisors discussed potential collaborations in vital areas such as #miningproduction, #oresorting, and mineral recovery. This interaction led to a notable outcome as overseas supervisors expressed a keen interest in HPY Technology's ore sorting equipment. Especially on the special Circle Series, and the newly updated Insight Series and Golden Coal Series.

HPY Technology's presence garnered attention from attendees representing 15 countries, including Israel, Malaysia, Canada, South Africa, and Zambia. Additionally, companies from 24 countries and regions, like Russia, France, Brazil, Japan, and the U.S. state of Utah, exhibited their innovative solutions at the expo. This global gathering marks a significant step forward for HPY Technology, showcasing its growing prominence in the field of innovative mining solutions.

As the expo continues, it's evident that HPY Technology's presence is a testament to its commitment to advancing sustainable and green development in the mining industry. The interest from international customers in their ore sorting equipment further underscores the company's growing influence in the global market.