In a bid to foster enhanced business collaboration and explore mutually beneficial opportunities, two Indian companies JSPL and Nisarg Ispat have recently sent their representatives on a visit to China to engage with John Finlay and HPY Technology, two rising names in the global coal and mining tech industry.

During their visit, Mr. Sanjeev and Mr. Sushil were not only introduced to John Finlay and HPY Technology’s cutting-edge coal technology, as well as expansive washeries but also left with a sense of optimism regarding potential business partnerships and a more sustainable future in the mining beneficiation industry. Below is an exclusive interview done by John Finlay’s Maxim with the two seasoned experts in the field of coal preparation.

Mr. Sanjeev begin expressing gratitude for this opportunity to visit China, as it is an enriching experience for the both of them. He shared: “We have worked in coal preparation plants for over two decades, but it is a new era we’ve seen with John Finlay."

When it comes to describing their experience visiting the "China Coal Preparation Plant" with that of the "Panji Coal Preparation Plant," Mr. Sushil highlighted the stark contrast in scale: "We are doing 6 million tons per annum in one washery, while these plants have capacities of 20 and 15 million tons per annum. It's a bigger infrastructure than ours." Within the few words that Mr. Sushil have said in the entire interview, he emphasized their interest in exploring dry coal sorting, which they believe holds promise for the future.

Although Finlay’s Dry Washing Technology and HPY’s Dry Coal Sorters have made quite a name for themselves in the industry with its unparallel cost and energy effectiveness, for one that has been dealing with traditional wet washing majority of time, it could be intimidating at first. Mr. Sanjeev, after initial skepticism, welcomed the new way of production, "After meeting with the team and understanding the technology, we are now very confident that this can be established in India. We will explore the possibility of dry coal sorting."

The John Finlay setup are vast in numbers, with more than 110 coal washeries and an operating capacity of 169 million tons per annum, Mr. Sanjeev acknowledged the immense efforts of John Finlay has done in coal preparation and believe their new initiatives in dry beneficiation will be very helpful for future generations. Mr. Sanjeev went further as to praise John Finlay's professionalism and expressed interest in future collaboration, saying, "We are very much convinced with the way you are doing coal preparation plant business and coal mining.” He carried on noting, “If it suits our organization and our country, we will surely join hand-in-hand with John Finlay and HPY Technology." The visit by Mr. Sanjeev and Mr. Sushil underscores John Finlay and HPY Technology's reputation as an industry leader. With its cutting-edge dry coal sorting technology and growing global presence, John Finlay and HPY Technology continues to shape the future of coal preparation, promising a brighter and more sustainable tomorrow for the industry.