In the age of climate crisis, few sectors have more of an impact – or potential for improvement – than the mining industry. That's why HPY Technology has positioned itself as a pioneering leader in the field with a suite of policies aimed at environmental sustainability and ecological protection.

A Revolutionary Approach to Environmental Responsibility

Using cutting-edge ore sorting technology, HPY Technology is combating the mining industry's traditionally high energy consumption, which accounts for 2%-3% of global resources, which rivals the entire aviation industry. HPY's groundbreaking approach can reduce energy usage in mining by a staggering 15%, equating to a substantial reduction in the sector's carbon footprint. Furthermore, this innovation also slashes the water consumption for every ton of ore by 2-4 tons, representing a significant step forward in water conservation.

"HPY Technology’s entrepreneurial spirit is all about harnessing the power of technology to foster intelligent, green mining operations," says Shuhao Zhou, the vice president of HPY Technology. "We fully leverage our technical expertise, offering tailor-made ore sorting solutions that enable sustainable development in the mining sector."

HPY's deep commitment to the principle of 'making full use of mineral resources' and a vision to 'provide low-carbon and energy-saving solutions to humanity through the use of technology' guide its operations and product development. This approach encourages process innovation, fostering energy conservation and emission reduction in mineral production.

Transforming an Ancient Industry with Modern Technology

Striving to reform the traditional mining sector, HPY Technology champions a proactive mindset and a tireless dedication to research. This commitment is aimed at conserving non-renewable resources and making a concerted effort to protect our planet.

By 2021, HPY's cutting-edge ore sorting technology had been implemented in more than a hundred mines, treating over 30 types of minerals. Its impressive achievements include processing 66.976 million tons of non-ferrous metals and 5.824 million tons of non-metallic minerals. By HPY Technology’s calculations, these operations saved a whopping 728 million tons of water resources and 728 million kWh of electricity, translating to a reduction of 725,800 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, and saved chemical resources valued at 160 million yuan. The company was also able to recover 50.96 million tons of mineral resources.

Spreading the Message of Ecological Protection

But HPY Technology's environmental stewardship extends far beyond just operational processes. The company remains committed to raising awareness about ecological protection and sustainable development. It actively collaborates with multiple stakeholders on environmental projects and disseminates knowledge on ecological protection to the public through environmental education initiatives.

Internally, HPY Technology regularly conducts ecological protection-related education and training, organizing visits to cooperative project mines to learn about ecological protection technologies and processes. Its technical experts regularly participate in energy-saving and emission-reduction technology promotion activities, sustainable development events, and smart mining seminars. The company has hosted the Technology Empowers Green Mines Forum, inviting officials from all levels of China's government and representatives of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals' localization in China, fostering in-depth exchanges and achieving cooperative outcomes in energy conservation and environmental protection.

HPY Technology is leading the way in reshaping the mining industry, providing a model for how businesses can drive environmental responsibility while fostering a culture of ecological awareness. By proving that sustainable, environmentally responsible operations are not just possible but profitable, HPY Technology is showing the world a greener path forward.